Intake Process

Step 1: Completely fill out the intake form and provide the items listed on the form.  Submit these to NPH by Email, Fax-505-722-5029, U.S. Mail or drop them off to Bernadine Lee,, 505-722-0551, 1664 South 2nd Street, Gallup, NM  87301

NPH Client Intake Form 07-2017


-Please note the following are listed on the intake form and are required with your completed form: 

  • Credit Report Fee: Check or Money Order will be required in the amount of $29.10 for unmarried applicants, and $38.47 for married.  (Please note: we no longer accept reports from internet sites as they are not accepted by lending institutions)
  • Income verification
  • Asset verification
  • Information on your Home Site Lease (if applicable) including, 200RL, 200UL, or 200NL, and/or a copy of the deed.  Please include copies of the Cultural Compliance Form and Archaeological Survey.
Step 2: Once NPH Staff has reviewed your credit report and other information you have provided, a Home Purchase Advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Based on the Home Purchase Advisor’s  evaluation of the information you have provided, they will design a Personalized Action Plan which will be your Path To Homeownership.  The Plan will indicate what action items you will need to complete before you can be considered for a mortgage loan and/or for a  down payment and closing cost assistance program.  Action items may include paying down some of your debt, disputing inaccurate items on your credit report, opening a savings account and establishing banking relationship or completing Native Partnership for Housing,  Homebuyer Education and Financial Fitness classes.

Step 3:  Get Educated! After you have met with your Home Purchase Advisor, they will determine if you need to take a Homebuyer Education class. We highly encourage all clients to meet with a Home Purchase Advisor prior to signing up for any classes.
Step 4: Work on and complete recommended items on your Action Plan. 

Some customers will need long-term credit repair or budget counseling before they will be able to qualify for a loan and/or down payment and closing cost assistance. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a little longer than you initially planned to complete your Action Plan items – feel confident that you are on the right path and that NPH is here to assist you along the way!

Step 5: Apply for a loan and/or down payment and closing cost assistance.

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